Our company is divided into two specialized teams: one focuses on software development, while the other specializes in technical translations. This unique structure provides us with unparalleled insights into the evolution and specific needs of our industry.
In regards to technical translations, we serve as your trusted partner in the Romanian market, boasting 22 years of experience and a portfolio of top-tier clients. Over this period, we have translated technical manuals across various industrial sectors, ranging from military aeronautics and medical equipment to automotive and even simple garden irrigation hoses. Each translation undergoes rigorous scrutiny by tested and certified translators to ensure the utmost accuracy and quality.


Our translation services offer two distinct approaches:

  1. Human translation with human revision.
  2. Translation utilizing our Deniro MT software with subsequent human revision.

Opting for the latter option grants you approximately a 20% discount.


Advantages of utilizing Deniro MT include:

  1. Reduced cost.
  2. Compliance with NDAs prohibiting the use of translation programs hosted on external servers (such as Google Translate, DeepL, etc.).
  3. Customized translation models tailored to your specific terminology needs.


All our translations undergo the following stages:

  1. Evaluation of source material – assessing difficulty, terminology, and any specific client requirements.
  2. Translation (either human or utilizing Deniro MT).
  3. Human revision (Quality check in CAT Tool + spellcheck + Xbench check).

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